How To Install An Air Purifier: Some Expert Advice

How To Install An Air Purifier: Some Expert Advice

Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to make the atmosphere of your home more inviting and feel a little less polluted? Believe it or not, there is a way to cut down on the dust and contaminants which flow around in the air of your home.

As we spend a large amount of our time at home, regardless of whether we are asleep or awake, it is a good idea to ensure that the air quality in your home is as good as it can get.

Air purifiers are an excellent choice if you are looking for the best and most cost-effective way to improve the air quality in your home. Most customers see a marked difference in the quality of their home's air within the first week of having their air purifier installed.

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Unfortunately, many customers never end up purchasing an air purifier because they fear that the installation process will be overly complex or cost too much.

While this may have been the case with the air purifiers of yesteryear, which were bulky, inconvenient machines that were tough to install, thankfully, things have gotten easier. The process of installing and maintaining an air purifier has become very simple, even if you are not experienced in DIY work.

If you do have a solid background in doing work around the house and installing other appliances, this process should be even easier for you.

Before You Buy Your Air Purifier

Before you jump right into the installation of your air purifier, there are a few aspects which must be considered. First amongst these considerations is ensuring that the power grid of your home can handle the additional strain of an air purifier.

If you find that your circuit breakers will trip if you have too many appliances plugged in at the same time, you will very likely have difficulty running an air purifier without overloading your home’s power.

If you know that the power grid in your home is weak, we would recommend not running your air purifier at the same time as other appliances which will take up a large amount of electricity.

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This can vary anywhere from air conditioners to microwaves, but you are better off being safe than sorry when it comes to ensuring that your home's power grid will stay intact. Damaged wiring and circuits in your home can be a rather significant expense, so be considerate when installing new appliances.

The next aspect to consider is whether or not you will have enough space to install your new air purifier. This largely depends on the model of air purifier you intend to purchase.

As there are now rather small and portable air purifiers available which can still get the job done, you have the option of opting for a smaller product should you not have enough space. If you are purchasing a large scale model, you will find that it is a good choice to have the location planned out and measured in advance.


The installation will vary greatly depending on the model of air purifier that you intend to purchase, but there are a few pieces of advice which we can share that apply equally to all types of air purifiers.

One of the better choices you can make when installing your air purifier is choosing to place it in a location where the unit is not obstructed in any way by furniture or any other appliances. Your air purifier will function more smoothly if it has a good patch of undisturbed air directly in front of it.

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Another consideration to make when positioning your air purifier is to place it near the area that you would like purified the most. For example, if you do not spend much time indoors, but you would like to sleep in clean air, it would be a good choice to place your air purifier somewhere near your bedroom.

Air purifiers function better on the air nearest to them, as logic would dictate, so it is important to place your air purifier strategically and not leave it in some out of the way location where it will accomplish little.

The next important choice to make is to install your air purifier in a location where fresh air will not be able to interfere with it.

You will want to keep your windows closed while your air purifier is working, so no further contaminants will enter the house, and your air can remain purified. If you place your air purifier in a spot where there is always fresh air coming in, you are only adding more unpurified air to the mix and making your air purifier work overtime.


This is another aspect which will vary widely depending on the type of air purifier you intend to use. Many types of air purifiers will require you to replace or clean out the filters on a regular basis, and it helps immensely to get acquainted with this process as soon as you can.

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If you find yourself reaching for the instruction manual every time you need to clean your air purifier, your appliance is either overcomplicated, or you are not cleaning it often enough.

Keeping your air purifier clean and well maintained is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that it functions smoothly and cleans the air in your home as well as it possibly can. After all, what’s the point of an air purifier which has difficulty purifying your air?


We hope that this article has helped you better understand the nuances of installing and maintaining your air purifier. Whether you are a current owner or a future customer, you will find that knowing the best way to care for your appliance will keep it running far longer and far more efficiently than it would otherwise.

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