best air purifier 2019 conway mighty

Best Air Purifier Report 2019

Testing Method

Testing is conducted in a 12x18 sealed isolated room.  To test the effectiveness of the air purifier we inject cigarette smoke and dust into the room through a tube and measure how much pollutants get removed from the air.  We use a machine that analyzes the particles in the air and measure the concentration change over a 15 minute period.  

Noise level is measured in decibel meter at ear level 4 feet from the air purifier.

best air purifier 2019 conway mighty

best air purifier 2019 conway mighty

Based on our testing and comparing results to other testers we have determined that the Conway AP-1512HH Mighty to be the best Air Purifier of 2019.  We combined our Test with Wirecutters review for the best air purifier.  Below are the findings.

  • Accommodates rooms up to 361 sq ft
  • 4 stage filtration (Pre-filter, Deodorization Filter, True HEPA Filter and Vital ION)
  • Captures up to 99.97% of particles >0.3 microns
  • LED light to show current air quality

Conway AP-1512HH Mighty Review

After running tests in multiple testing enviroments (12x18 sealed room, NYC apartment, Wirecutter LA Office Room) the Conway Mighty proves to be one of the best all around air purifiers for most people.  Also its low upfront cost and low ongoing maitenance costs make it more affordable than some of its competitors.  

During 1 test the Conway Mighty reduced airborne particulate pollution in a 200 sq ft bedroom by 99% in 35 minutes.  In a room 4 x the size of a bedroom it took 1 hour to reduce 70% of particulate pollution.  

The filters on the Conway last a long time.  We did a test comparing brand new filter vs used filter that had been running 24/7 for a year.  And the used filter still cleaned the air as well as the brand new filter.  Meaning you can go longer between having to replace the filter than that of normal air purifiers.  

Clean Air Best Practices

  • Vacuum often and thoroughly with a high efficiency air HEPA filtration vacuum.  
  • Ban Smoking indoors
  • Maintain heating and cooling equipment changing filters regularly
  • Minimize use of candles and wood fires
  • Use exhaust fans in kitchen, bath and laundry areas
  • Don't store chemicals, solvents, glues, pesticides near your living quarters.

Pros and Cons


  • Air Purifier units are portable and can be moved to any area of the home
  • Cleans harmful irritants from the air


  • Models with Ionizer release Ozone a lung irritant

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